1. How long has Camp Frederick Been operating?
    Camp Frederick was Established in 1966.
  2. What certification does the camp have?
    Camp Frederick is accredidted by the American Camp Association (ACA). ACA provides standards that a camp must meet to be accredited by them.
  3. What qualifications/experience does the director/lead staff have?
    Director – Bachelor’s degree in Parks and Resource Management and attends yearly conferences and training events. Justin has been the director since 2011.
    Assistant Director – Bachelors’s degree in teaching, attends yearly conferences and training events and has been involved at Camp Frederick since 2011.
  4. What is the Camps Philosophy?
    To provide a camp experience for youth that will build them up as leaders informed by their faith.
  5. How does camp benefit my child?
    Camp provides a place for your child to grow as a member of a community as well as develop spiritually, emotionally and develop self-confidence by trying new experiences and pushing themselves.
  6. What if my child gets sick?
    If your child has any of the following symptoms we will call you and your child will need to go home for the safety of the other children and may only return to camp with a doctors note.
    -Fever over 101° F
    -Red swollen painful throat or tonsils not relieved by acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or cepacol lozenges
    -Headache not relieved by medication or rest
    -Productive cough not relieved by Guaifenisim
    -Vomiting more than twice
    -Diarrhea more than 3 times in one day
    -Rash that is “spreading” or that resembles a contagious condition (ex. Ring worm)
    -Any time camper needs to go to urgent care or emergency transport is used
  7. Where will my child be staying while at camp?
    The youngest group of children typically stay in our Lodge. As they get older they stay in cabins up the hill and then the cabins in the upper field. If you wish to visit please attend our open house or call (330-227-3633) and set up a tour.
  8. Can I call my child while at camp?
    Although we understand the desire to call you child we discourage calls from home while at camp. Once a child is immersed in the camp experience, a call from home may disrupt this and bring homesickness to the forefront. To learn more about homesickness read our Tips for Preventing Homesickness. We also don’t allow cell phones while at camp. In this technological age it’s a real gift to your child to give them a week away from technology. If there is an emergency and you child needs to be notified please call the camp office at 330-227-3633.
  9. What if my child gets homesick?
    Each counselor is trained to handle homesickness. Our goal is to help the camper reach the end of the week to help build confidence in themselves. However, if we feel to stay at camp would do more harm than good we will call home and if need be the camper picked up.
  10. Can I write letters to my child while at camp?
    Feel free to write to your child while at camp. Please be sure to not write about any major changes going on at home, or how terribly you miss them. These topics can cause anxiety that everything is changing at home without them, or guilt that they’re not at home with you. The address to mail to is:
    Attn: Campers Name
    Camp Frederick
    P.O. Box 258
    Rogers, OH 44455
  11. What should my child pack?
    Please see our Pack List of what to bring and not bring. If you have any questions please call the office 330-227-3633 and we’ll be happy to help.
  12. How do you hire staff? Are they qualified?
    We attend college recruitment fairs in and around Ohio. All staff go through an interview before being hired, and must pass background checks (FBI, BCI, and  a check of NSOPW). We also do 2 weeks of staff training before any campers arrive that covers everything from how to light a campfire to emergency procedures and everything in between. All staff are certified in First Aid and CPR during staff training.
  13. How does my child get their medication while at camp?
    If your child takes any medication please send the medication with the child in the original bottle. At check in during the health screening the medication will be collected by the staff and put in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name on it. The health screener will review dosage and medication times with you during the screening and write up a medication chart that will go with the medication. Staff will give them their medication based off of this chart along with any special instructions provided. Every time medications are given it is documented. Based off of the health form provided staff will give over the counter medications as needed (ex. Tylenol for headache). All medications are locked in the health room with the exception of rescue inhalers and epi pens. Rescue inhalers and epi pens are given to your child’s counselor to carry with them at all times.
  14. My child has food allergies, who should I tell?
    If your child has any food allergies or special dietary needs (like vegetarian) please put this in their health form so we know what their need is prior to camp. We will do our best to accommodate your child’s need. We may call you to get more specific information on their allergies or dietary restrictions.
  15. What is the camper return rate at Camp Frederick?
    Camp Frederick has about a 60% return rate for campers.
  16. What is the discipline policy?
    At the beginning of camp each cabin group creates a group covenant which they all have input on and sign. This outlines agreed upon rules for their interaction with each other while at camp. In addition we also have our overall camp rules. The group covenant sets the stage for proper behavior at camp and allows the camper to take ownership of their actions. Misconduct is not tolerated at camp however, we try to use any misconduct as an opportunity for a teachable moment with the camper rather than just saying “don’t do that”.
  17. How do we handle conflict?
    Each camper gives their side of the story and we then coach them through handling their conflict.
  18. We can’t afford camp, what do we do?
    No problem. We have a Campership Fund which id dedicated to helping youth attend camp. Please fill out our Campership Fund Form. For assistance contact the office 330-227-3633 or email info@campfrederickohio.com

If you have further questions please contact the office at 330-227-3633 or info@campfrederickohio.com